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I started physiotherapy this past week. The first clinic I went to on Wednesday (Mountain View Physical Therapy) turned into an interesting disaster. When we walked into the place, the first impressions were that it was noisy and dirty. There was someone sitting upright in the waiting area asleep. The place is one big room, with the massage tables in the middle of the room and exercise equipment all around the outside. None of the staff looked really happy to be there. I met my therapist who, it turns out, is the director of the clinic. She was truly excellent - good enough that I would've overlooked everything else, except for the fact that she doesn't have 3 days a week free to see me. More weeks, I would've been lucky to get her more than once per week.

So for Friday, we found a different clinic. Orthosport. It was such a difference from the previous place, there's no good comparison. The receptionist was friendly, the therapist very professional, and the place really tidy. Even the assistants were very friendly and checked in on a regular basis.

But in between those two days, I got sick again. I had some sort of stomach flu or drug reaction the previous week, and it seemed to be coming back. After two days of throwing up, I made an appointment with the after-hours clinic today to get more anti-nausea drugs. They've also taken some more blood and want to do some tests next week to make sure that everything's still doing okay.

Another bit of love and affection goes to my new bank, RBC Centura. Not only have they done lovely things for bill payments, and sending money for free between my Canadian and American accounts, they also have a "Bank by Mail" program, where I can just stick cheques in an envelope that's already postage paid, and they deposit them for me. No need to find a machine of the right persuasion to do deposits. We still have a couple tasks to do before we can close out the HSBC account, but we're almost there.

Leif is pushing out new teeth. He'll be up to 9 when he's done.

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