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So this is it, I've actually finished at Canonical! For most of the past week, I've been in Portland, OR at Ubuntu Live. I gave two talks (Ubuntu Technical Demonstration and Bringing your software to Ubuntu users) and one tutorial (packaging for Ubuntu and Debian derived distributions). I had a great time, and was glad to get a chance to see my former coworkers one last time. I'm happy to be leaving on great terms with my former employers, and hope to be at UbuntuLive again next year.

This conference was a whirlwind of meeting people. JP, Teri, Jim, Andy and MaryBeth are people I'm really looking forward to seeing in the bay area when I get there; I got to see Steve and Patty in the Debian booth; I managed to go for dinner with Chris and Leslie; A going away party that included many of the above plus Matt, Steve, Etienne and Torsten; I had lunch with Katie, whom I haven't seen since my wedding; I had another lunch with Mermaid, whom I thought had fallen off the face of the earth; my final lunch at Veganopolous included MaryBeth again and Rob. I did miss seeing Kamaya, which is sad, though. I got *almost* everyone I wanted to see.

It's a crazy list. Some of these people will be random business contacts. Some of these are folks that I feel like remeeting them after several years was like only missing a day. Some of these are people I miss already.

Sabrina and I are making the trek up north to Kit and Hannah's wedding. We're staying at Miriam's and had lovely Ethiopian food.

Time to sleep. 7am is going to come too early.

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